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Taras Voznyak (Editor-in-Chief)
Oles Pohranychnyj
Andrij Pavlyshyn
Kostyantyn Bondarenko (Issue Editor)
Walter Mossmann
Sofia Onufriv
Alla Tatarenko
Mykhaylo Moskal’
Yurij Babik
Andrij Kyrchiv

The Independent cultural journal "JI"
Issue No.16 / 2000

This issue is published in co-operation with Heinrich-Boell-Fund (Berlin)

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  • Myroslav Popovych. Europe-Ukraine: Right- And Left-Wings
    A traditional European conservatism has been deeply undermined by the integration processes.
  • Yaroslav Dashkevych. Nationalism And Democracy
    Parliamentary national republic and political pluralism are the main features of contemporary democratic nationalism.
  • Leszek Kolakowski. Genocide And Ideology
    An analysis of Hitlerism as an example of ideological genocide.
  • Hanna Arendt. Anti-Semitism As A Challenge to Healthy Consciousness
    The roots of the opposing relations between various social or political groups and the Jews should be found in the history of Jewish relations with the state.
  • Rafal Pankowski. Neo-Fascism Is Looking For Legacy
    Attractiveness of neo-Nazism in Europe could be explained by desire to save national identity facing the wave of immigrants.
  • Zbigniew Mikolejko. A Blind In Yassy. Eliade And Fascism
    What was hidden under the silence of Mirca Eliade?
  • Gottfried Benn. Poetry
  • Umberto Eko. Tolerance And It’s Limits
    Interview to the Index of Censorship.
  • Urszula Oven. A Language Of Intolerance - Convenient Reason For Censorship?
    Lecture in memoriam of Jene Walker.
  • Samuel Huntington. The New World Order In 21rst Century: Tendencies And European Scale / Single Super-State
    Prospects of the future civilization.
  • Interview With A.Dugin. Awaiting Ivan The Furious
    Russian sacral geography and Poland.
  • Vladimir Pribylovskiy. Totalitarism. Communists, National-Patriots, Fascists. Terms And Reality
    Comparative analysis of the mentioned movements and their role and place in contemporary Russia.
  • Yuriy Levada. Are There Any Universal Rootes For Fascism Today?
    Fascism is not only a suppresser, but a temptator of the mass consciousness.
  • Grigoriy Weinstein. Arising Of Autoritarian Moods And Fascist Threats In Modern Russia
    Post-Communist Russia is a corresponding soil for neo-Nazism.
  • Mikhail Mikhailov. Spiritual And Simple Totalitarism
    The unity on national, class, race, confessional basis is pseudo-religious.
  • Ihor Balyns’kyy. Aesthetics Of Conflict
    Russia and the right-wing revenge.
  • Yevgeniy Berkovich. Banalty Of Good Or How Italian Fascists Rescued Jews
    Rebel inside the Mussolini government.
  • Kost’ Bondarenko. We Are Just On The Other Bank Of The River...
    The roots of the fascism.
  • Benedict Andersson. Patriotism And Racism
    There is a great difference between the love to the motherland and promoting its superiority.
  • Walter Lacker. The Heritage Of Fascism: Cleaning From Collaborants
    The great problem of the society division.
  • Rafal Pankowski. “Fathers-Foundators”: Mosli, Evola, Degrel, Bardes
    The ideas of these people could serve as an illustration of stability and evolution of the Fascist thought in 20eth century.
  • Aleksandr Dugin. Conservative Revolution
    Typology of the Third Way political movements.
  • Oleksandr Zaitsev. Fascism And Ukrainian Nationalism (1920 - 1930eth)
    Similarities of German and Ukrainian extreme nationalism and their co-operation
  • Kost’ Bondarenko. Right-Wings Of Ukraine: The Hot Struggle For Marginality
    Weakness of Ukrainian right-wing movement is proved.
  • Roman Kis’. Right Idea As A Mean For Fighting Ukrainian Marginality
    A report on the seminar of “Ji” Magazine.
  • Andriy Kyrchiv. A Droit!
    French right-wings.
  • Orest Semotyuk. The Future Of United Europe - A German “New Right-Wings” Point Of View
    Only union of the former Kaiser cities - Aachen, Prague, Vienna, Berlin - can restore the former glory of the Holy Roman Empire of the German nation.
  • Hans Ulrich Jost. Wearing Right Again
    Switzerland ignores the critics of Heider’s Austria.
  • Taras Batenko. Right And Left Ideas In NIS
    General picture of the extremes of political spectrum.
  • Borislav Pekic. How Professor Rutkowski Sold His Soul To The Devil
    A fragment from the novel “How To Bury A Vamp”.
  • Tadeusz Wojcechowski. The Sin Of Arrogance. Heiderland
    The reasons of Austrian right-wing triumph
  • Press Digest. Hipocricy: The West, Heider And Putin
  • Press Digest. Heiderpanics
    Reaction on the Heider’s victory in Austria.
  • Yelena Kolomiychenko. Government Crisis In Italy And It’s Affect On Europe
    Conspect of the Radio Liberty program.
  • Serhiy Zhadan. Poetry

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