Editorial Staff:

Taras Voznyak (Editor-in-Chief)
Yan Chaykovskyj(Issue Editor)
Iryna Magdysh
Oles Pohranychnyj
Anton Borkovskyy
Natalka Rymska
Yevhen Troyan

ISBN 966-7790-11-8

The Independent cultural journal “JI”
Issue No.34 / 2004

This issue is published in co-operation with Heinrich-Boell-Fund (Berlin)

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All texts are available in Ukrainian (archive Ukr.)

  • Reinchart Kozelleck Historical Semantics
  • Artemij Magun Revolutionary Event
  • Bruce Ackerman Revision of the Revolution Idea
  • Cornelius Castoriadis Logics of the Revolutionary Project
  • Gilles Deleuze Society of Control. PostScriptum
  • Dada Dharmadhikari Philosophy of Revolution
  • Jean Francois Lyotard Post-Modern Science as a Search for Instability
  • Allen Buchanan Moral Basis for the Right for Separation
  • Ken Neb Joy of Revolution
  • Andriy Ryepa Attempts to Conceive the “Revolution of Poets”
  • Emmanuel Mounier Reformism and Revolution
  • Paolo Virno Virtuosity and Revolution
  • Piotr Graczyk Revolution and Therapy
  • Stephen Jay Gould Evolution as a Fact and a Theory
  • Lidija Fyesyenkova Global Evolutionism as a World Outlook
  • Douglas B. Sharp The Revolution Against Evolution
  • Martin Blumentritt “The Conservative Revolution” – Critics of One Myth
  • Karl Heinz Roth Return of the Proletariat
  • Gilles Dauvé, Karl Nesic Where the World Rolls to?
  • Gilles Dauvé When the Uprisings Collapse. Collectivization or Communization?
  • Bengamin Takker Freedom Equal for Everybody
  • Declaration of the International Libertarian Meeting
  • Hakim Bey The End of the Cycle and the Planetary Revolution
  • Julius Evola On the Secret of Degeneration
  • Jean Marie Le Pen: Against Dismantling of the Nations
  • Alan de Benoit Concervative “Culture Revolution”
  • Troy Southgate The Case For National-Anarchist Entryism  
  • Jack Birner Two Views on Social Stability: An Unsettled Question
  • Mykola Plavyuk On Succession of Power in Ukraine
  • Antin Borkovskyj Death Taxi Drivers
  • Volodymyr Fisanov Thinking Individual and a Shadow of “New Middle Ages”: Avoiding the Struggle?
  • Eduard Limonov Other Russia
  • Vladzimir Rovdo Prospects of “Velvet Revolution” in Byelarus
  • Nodar Ladaria «Revolution of Roses» – Historical Context
  • Vsevolod Derevatskyj patAnatomy of rEvolution
  • Ihor Bodnar-Tereschenko Velvet of Ukraine

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