Editorial Staff:

Taras Voznyak (Editor-in-Chief)
Iryna Sluta(Issue Editor)
Iryna Magdysh
Oles Pohranychnyj
Yevhen Troyan

The Independent cultural journal “JI”
Issue No.40 / 2005

This issue is published in co-operation with Heinrich-Boell-Fund (Berlin)

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All texts are available in Ukrainian (archive Ukr.)

  • Taras Voznyak Love is not everything, even at Majdan
  • Iryna Magdysh About difference between standing and working.
  • Ukrainian unfinished revolution
  • Genadij Druzenko Ukraine-EU 2005: under the sign of lost opportunities and intentional indefinition
  • Taras Voznyak Gas counter-offensive of Russia
  • Yuriy Maciyevskyy Orange revolution through prism of transittology
  • Victor Shevchuk Overheat of the inflation 2004-04: ‘Orange’ are not guilty
  • Andriy Kyrchiv Democratization of Ukraine in context of widening European Union: hopes and reality
  • Andriy Ryepa The part of horror in history of struggle for democratization of the world
  • Ihor Bondar-Tereshchenko Literature and revolution
  • Andriy Olefir Indirect analogies
  • Oksana Levkova (U)movy samo-(za)buttya
  • Dmytro Bilko The day before a big revenge
  • Staszek Stępień The history of one orange, which does not taste the same way for everyone
  • Oles Berezhnyy Switchman
  • Roman Nahulyak Glow

The Project of The Ostrog`s Academy and Magazine ‘JI’

  • Ihor Pasichnyk The word of the rector
  • Iryna Sluta The sand-glass
  • Solomiya Lotocka Who will be first in joining The EU – Russia or Ukraine?
  • Olena Obuh Social demagogy
  • Serhiy Pardus Political benefit of ‘orange’: (not)together or separate?
  • Yaroslav Semkiv About pluralism there can not be two different opinions, or why we are still sucking?
  • Ihor Shmyndruk On the turning point…
  • Iryna Sluta National concept: the life of one day
  • Mykhajlo Voytovych, Taras Tymchuk Wine made of oranges
  • Daryna Zinchuk Orange etude: solo for violin

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