Editorial Staff:
Taras Voznyak (Editor-in-Chief)
Iryna Magdysh
Oles Pohranychnyj
Mykhaylo Moskal
Ivan Monolatiy
Petro Rykhlo
Sergiy Osachuk
Oleksandr Boychenko

The Independent cultural journal “JI”
Issue No.56 / 2009


All texts are available in Ukrainian (archive Ukr.)

Taras Voznyak Chernivtsi. The spirit is breathing wherever it wants to breathe

Moses Fishbein When we were immortal

Ivan Monolatiy Austrian Bukovyna: peculiarities of national, professional and language divisions

Anatoliy Kruglashov Chernivtsi – heritage versus heirs

Mykhaylo Chuchko, Viktoriya Gryaban Historic outline of the city’s past on Prut river – Chernivtsi under Moldavian and Austrian rule

Ivan Monolatiy “Bukovinian agreement” within the context of the history of interethnic compromises in Danube monarchy

Moses Fishbein 1901

Mykola Kushnir Jewish language conference in Chernivtsi in 1908

Volodymyr Zapolovskyi Chernivtsi in a grip of WWI

Igor Zhaloba Chernivtsi in the communication space of Habsburg Empire 1774-1914

Mykola Kushnir “Sadagurska” dynasty: between “light” and “darkness”

Sergiy Osachuk Bukovynian Germans: from Joseph ²² to Adolf Hitler

Maria Nykyrsa Construction development of Chernivtsi and the role of industrial school in this process (second half of Õ²Õ – beginning of ÕÕ century)

Volodymyr Zapolovskyi Chernivtsi double-headed eagle (protocol of one loss)

Sergiy Osachuk Chernivtsi. The history of chain

Sergiy Osachuk On the history of radio in Chernivtsi

Peter Tomashek Chernivchanka. Antique notes

Austrian Consulate in Chernivtsi. The issue of municipal theatre in Chernivtsi

Polish Consulate in Chernivtsi. St.Peter fair in Chernivtsi

Czechoslovakian Consulate in Chernivtsi. Naming the street in Chernivtsi after the President

Igor Piddubnyi Aviation at Bukovyna between two wars

Igor Piddubnyi Chernivtsi before WWII

Swiss Consular Agency in Chernivtsi. On Soviet occupation of Bukovyna

Grzegorz Szymonowicz A letter to dr. Edmund Wicentowicz

Mykhaylo Chuchko Wooden orthodox churches of Chernivtsi

Svitlana Bilenkova Architectural development of Chernivtsi on the verge of Õ²Õ-ÕÕ centuries

Svitlana Bilenkova Architectural styles of Chernivtsi of interwar period of ÕÕ century

Raimund Lang Chernivtsi. Sounds and echoes

Tetyana Kloubert The image of the city of Chernivtsi in German documentary films

Igor Pomerantsev Czernowitz. The reminiscences of the drowned

Moses Fishbein Return to the Meridian

Moses Fishbein Childhood. Province. Retro (Social art)

Oleksandr Boychenko Vasyl’s independence

Vasyl Kozhelyanko Silver spider (passage)

Moses Fishbein Lets take off our nice shoes

Volodymyr Kylynych About exciting doubtfulness of Chernivtsi show off

Volodymyr Kylynych “Mabinogion” of the “A” city

Volodymyr Kylynych The city, which is hoping

Nataliya Shevchenko, Joseph Zissels Museum of history and culture of Bukovynian Jews

Petro Rykhlo Literary phenomenon of Chernivtsi

Petro Rykhlo Ukrainian writers of Bukovyna during WWI

Petro Rykhlo “Vienna myth” in German-speaking poetry of Bykovyna

Petro Rykhlo Tale and ballad as a sublimation of Yiddish culture of Bukovynian Jews (Elieser Steinbarg, Itzik Manger)

Petro Rykhlo History and human fate in German-speaking lyric poetry of Bukovyna

Petro Rykhlo Literary Chernivtsi (Lexicon attempt of Bukovynian literature)

Moses Fishbein A crystal shadow will be cut at night-time

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