Editorial Staff:
Taras Voznyak (Editor-in-Chief)
Iryna Magdysh
Oles Pohranychnyj
Mykhaylo Moskal
Ivan Monolatiy

The Independent cultural journal “JI”
Issue No.58 / 2009

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Ivan Monolatiy "Own"/"foreign" identities (Halician and Lviv stories of the evolution of identities)

Stanislaw Wasilewski Very pleasant town

Maryana Levystka Austrian "art mission": foreign painters in Lviv at the brake of XVIII-XIX centuries

Stanislaw Vincenz A poet of silver flowers

Stanislaw Vincenz The victim in Kolomyja. Reminiscences about Kolomyja Jews

Stanislaw Vincenz "Victim" of Stfania Zagorska

Stanislaw Vincenz Jewish themes. Imaginary reality?

Stanislaw Vincenz Jewish themes. Lviv cosmopolite

Stanislaw Vincenz Forest Jew

Andrzej Chciuk Blind don't attend matches"

Andrzej Chciuk Chaimyk

Marci Shore Very short visit to Lviv

Hugo Dyonizy Steinhaus Second occupation

Philip Friedman Extemination of Lviv Jews

Yaroslav Hrytsak Simply Holocaust

Jakob Honigsman The catastrophy of Lviv Jewry (1941-1944)

Mankurt and Andrij Raphael Lemkin. Lviv citizen, the author of the term "genocide"

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