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, March 13, 2000

The Ukrainian Culture Magazine "" Presented Yugoslav Contemporary Literature

The Voice Of Serbia In Lyvov

Exclusively for Borba from Lyvov by Ala Tatarenko

These days in Lyvov was published the fifteenth issue of the independent culture magazine with the subject 'Yugoslavia, Kosovo, Europe'. The magazine that got its name after the letter characteristic only for Ukraine, with double dots - has seen for years now presenting the concept of many-sided presenting of problems of the philosophical and culture character.

The attention is paid to the problems of multi-ethnic relations, civilization divisions, forming of European identity.

The latest issue shows to the Ukrainian readers the problems of the only at first sight far, everyday events. Bombing of Yugoslavia has forced many to think over the essence of the current situation in the world and to look for the answers not only in philosophical theories but also in the cruel political reality. The dramatic events in the spring of 1999 aroused the great interest for the bombed country, about which it is very little known in the world.

The authors of the Yugoslav issue, among which are philologists, culture workers, experts in politics, philosophers, journalists, have tried to create as comprehensive and realistic picture, adding to the texts with analytical and political subjects, in which presented are often diverse, sometimes opposite standpoints, the literary texts of the great value. Thanks to that, the Ukrainian reader can meet stories and critical texts by Danilo Kis (in this issue published are two stories from "The tomb for Boris Davidovic" that are an introduction for publishing of the full collection, to which added was an analytical article by Ala Tatarenko, about the famous author), the story by Momo Kapor 'Castle' and excerpts from his novels 'The last flight to Sarajevo' and "The chronicle of the lost city".

Apart from the extensive literary "Serbian pan" of the magazine, there present also political articles (mainly from "Politika" that arrives regularly to Lyvov thanks to the National Library of Serbia).

In this issue there are also articles by the western or west-oriented authors that have a different point of view. The editorial staff, by bringing closer to the Ukrainins, for them, unfortunately, quit an unknown world of the Serbian everyday life, history and culture, by enabling the voice of Serbia to be heard, leaves to the readers, a freedom to draw their conclusions. The rich material, political and cultural, gives a chance for that goal to be accomplished.