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Taras Wozniak (Editor-in-Chief)
Emilia Ohar(Issue Editor)
Oles Pohranychnyj
Andrij Pavlyshyn
Mykhajlo Moskal
Oleksandr Kryvenko
Mykola Yakovyna
Ivan Luchuk
Myroslava Prykhoda

The Independent cultural journal "JI"
Issue No.10 / 1997


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  • Conmemorated To The Victims Of “Wisla” Operation
    An appeal of Polish intellectuals to the Polish government.
  • Vaclav Havel. Responsibility Of Intellectuals.
    An analysis of Carl Popper’s concept of open society.
  • Leszek Kolakowski. About Collective Responsibility
    If the nation is a kind of interminated society, there could be a collective responsibility of generations.
  • Leszek Kolakowski. About The Great Deceive
    Mostly we need the simplest explanation of “good” and “bad”.
  • Waclaw Hryniewicz, OMI. Pacification Between Victims And Guilty
    What is more effective - to forgive or to revenge?
  • Jan Prokop. Is That Good To Stay Separately?
    We are responsible for saving and development of the obtained heritage which could be either acceptated or eliminated.
  • Bronislaw Genzelis. Concept Of Culture. Spheres Of Interaction Between Similar Cultures
    How do the neighbouring countries collaborate in the field of culture.
  • Marek Adamiec. National Character of Poles. Stereotypes, Rethorics And Angelology: Serving National Idea And Mythology
    Each Pole knows his national history since the very birth; the more it is opposite to the facts, the worse is to the last.
  • Barbara Skarga. Self-Identification And Memory
    Am I creating the history or the history creates me?
  • Maria Dabrowska-Partyka. A Poison Of Bad Memory
    Critics of the contemporary Balkan literature.
  • Zbigniew Herbert. Mr. Cogito Thiks About Return To The Native City
    Short story
  • Danuta Sosnowska. The Stereotype Of Ukraine And Ukrainian In Polish Literature
    The dark and bright myth of Ukraine.
  • Jan Steszewski. Polish National Character In Music
    Specific features of Polish musical culture.
  • Alois Woldan. Ukrainians and Monarchy Unity
    Support and opposing to the both Russian and Austro-Hungarian monarchies from the Ukrainian side.
  • Otto von Habsburg. Vocation Of Galicia
    Reminding the Ukrainians their European origin is the main task of Galicia.
  • Kristoff Reinsmeier. Peremyshl
    Short humorous story with the historical background.
  • Wislawa Szymborska. Speech On Nobel Price Ceremony / Poetry
  • Oksana Nakhlik. Philosophical- Poetic Discourse Of Wislawa Szymborska
    Literature critics.
  • Zbigniew Herbert. Still Life With A Fishing-Rod
    A mystery of Torrentius life.
  • Daniel Beauvois. Struggle For The Land
    All the economic, social and ethnic problems in Ukraine until the World War I were connected with the struggle for the land.
  • Igor Shevchenko. Poland In The History Of Ukraine
    Polish factor in the Ukrainian national and state development from ancient times until 19th century.
  • Jerzy Skowronek. Divisions Of Poland On The European Background
    Problems and sequences of the mentioned political processes for the country and Europe.
  • Tadeusz Andrzej Olszanski. Polish-Ukrainian Conflict in 1943-1947
    The war inside the war: who was benefited in this massacre?
  • Yaroslav Dashkevych. The Echo Of “Wisla” Operation
    How does historical memory affect contemporary relations.
  • Alain Besancon. Eastern Borders Of Europe And Russian Problem
    While travelling from Paris to Moscow we feel distinctively where Europe ends or dissolves and finally disappears.
  • Zbigniew Brzezinski. Out Of Control. Geopolitical Vacuum
    Multi-polar world in post-Cold War times.
  • Tadeusz Chabjera. Status Of Ukraine
    Ukraine in the world politics: object or subject?
  • Andriy Pavlyshyn. Polish-Ukrainian Conflicts In The 20eth Century: Studies Of Genesis
    The roots of the mentioned conflicts and contemporary consequences of the wrong treatment of the facts.
  • Boleslaw Les’mjan. Poetry
  • Tomasz Szczepanski. Padre Marek
    Short story.
  • Natalya Yakovenko. Brothers/Enemies Or Poles In Ukrainian Eyes in 17-18th Centuries
    The studies of historical sources.
  • Vaclav Cihak. Polish Situation In Central Europe And Polish-Ukrainian Relationships
    The political science article on contemporary geopolitical problems in Central Europe.

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