Editorial Staff:

Taras Voznyak (Editor-in-Chief)
Oles Pohranychnyj
Andrij Pavlyshyn
Ivan Luchuk (Issue Editor)
Alla Tatarenko (Issue Editor)
Walter Mossmann
Sofia Onufriv
Mykhajlo Moskal’
Olha Ros’
Natalia Chorpita
Yurij Babik

The Independent cultural journal "JI"
Issue No.15 / 1999

This issue is published in co-operation with Heinrich-Boell-Fund (Berlin)

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All texts are available in Ukrainian (archive Ukr.)


  • Nedim Guersel. Ruined Bridges
    Ethnic tragedy of Sarajevo.
  • Slavoj Zhyzhek. About Self-Deception Of The West Or Why The Balkan Conflict Has No Visible Final
    An analysis of the Balkan crisis roots
  • Dejan Medakovic. The Speech In Serbian Academy Of Sciences On June 24, 1999
    Serbian national disaster in global dimension.
  • Dragos Kalajic. Cretines Of All Countries...
    Be afraid of the Lord and the idiotism of elites.
  • Michael Cosudovskyy. Drugs And Weapons As The Means For Reaching Of Geopolitical Aims By “Great States”
    Role and place of KLA in the Balkan policy of NATO.
  • Danylo Kisz. Censorship And Self-Censorship/ A Knife With A Rose-Tree Handle/ Mechanical Lions
    Short stories from the book “A Tomb for Boris Davidovic”.
  • Milorad Pavic. Autobiography/ Glass Snail/ Beginning And The End Of The Novel
    Short stories.
  • Jasmina Michajlovic. Three Tables
    Mystic story
  • Jovan Delic. Khozar Prism
    Literature critics on “Khozar Vocabulary”
  • Momo Kapor. A Castle/ Chronicles Of The Lost City
    Two short stories.
  • Ivan Luchuk. A Bit Of White World
  • Olga Ros’. And I Made What I Made (From The History Of “Khozar Vocabulary” Ukrainian Translation)
  • Serhiy Kovalyov. Testing With Balkans. Documents Of The World Right Defending Movement Concerning Kosovo
    The dual standard system in the western approach to human rights problem.
  • Predrag Matvejevic. Munich Is Situated On Balkans
    Who is a friend and who’s enemy of the contemporary Balkans
  • Slavoj Zhyzhek. The War In Kosovo
    Fighting against Milosevic West is fighting against the monster created by itself.
  • Milislav Savic. The Notes From Beograd: May’1999
    Diary of the NATO bombing of Yugoslavia
  • Richard Burns. NATO Had No Right For Aggression Against Yugoslavia
    The open letter to the world society.
  • George Borozan. Yugoslavia And Albania In 20eth Century
    The experience and consequences of contemporary bilateral relations.
  • Jasmina Michalovic. Pavic And Hyper-Belletristics
    The structure of Pavic’s stories could be compared with the computer games.
  • Milorad Pavic. St.Marco’s Horses Or A Novel About Troy/ Prince Ferdinand Reads Pushkin / Corsette
    Short stories.
  • Milos Jevtic. Talks With Pavic
  • Alla Tatarenko. Danylo Kisz - The Knight Of Doubt
    The space between dates of birth and death is the field of writer’s investigations.
  • Danylo Kisz. Debt / Homo Poeticus In Defiance To Everything
    Two stories.
  • Vasco Popa. Return Me My Pieces
  • Momo Kapor. The Last Flight To Sarajevo
    Fragments from the novel.
  • Seamus Heaney. The Known World
    Poetry (Eng./Ukr.)
  • Ismail Kadare. The Royal Petition (Fragment Of The Novel “Three Sorrowful Songs To Kosovo”
    Fragment from the novel "Three Sorrowful Songs To Kosovo".
  • Natalia Dul’nyeva. Justice Versus Mythology Or Tribunal For The Future
    Justice is not anonymous, it has its name and address.

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