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The Independent cultural journal "JI"
Issue No.17 / 2000
Gender Studies

This issue is published in co-operation with Heinrich-Boell-Fund (Berlin)

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Feminism has died, - I say at the door of third millennium changing the famous phrase of Nitzsche. And it makes me blue.

World feminism has a large spectrum, everything could be found here - starting from the radical feminism striving for physical annihilation of men (remind Valerie Solanas and her manifest for men annihilation) through tolerant feminism to Christian women organisations, which are feminist in wide meaning of this word.

The situation in Ukraine reminds me the well-known Ukrainian proverb: "Heard the bell without knowing where it is". There are several centres of theoretical feminism in Ukraine - Kyiv, Kharkiv, Odesa. They are occupied mostly by philosophy and theory of feminism, what is undoubtedly important. Besides that, on my opinion, there are few hundred of different feminist organisations in Ukraine, which are not too active, working without being in touch between each other and competing for grants. Sometimes there are wonders whether those organisations were made as single grant project. Suppose the West gives money for ecology or women, we would be occupied by ecology and women. Such misuses are happening quite often, but the problem is how to separate the corn and the dust.

The women organisations often have no concrete subject of research studying all and nothing at the same time. On the other side, they include to the feminism everything, what contains the term "woman". Women departments of men organisations is one more kind of women organisations.

There is no one who can serve as a charismatic figure expressing ideas and desires of women - neither in the world nor in Ukraine. No specimen, no soil, no seeds planted.

But let's move back to Ukrainian context. Ukrainian men can sleep without trouble: actually there are no threats of matriarchate. Patriarchate is not actual already as well. For me personally terra feminea is not the place where I want to live. And one thing more. When feminist women talk about men as an enemy sex, I pose the question to myself: are they franc enough? Because it's not a question for me. Men and women are equal in their suffers in Ukraine. Sometimes men feel themselves even worse, while having no chance to earn enough for family support he gets crisis of his sex identity. Creating friendly and comfortable world together is the only way we can change ourselves.

Men and women are really very different by their origin, they can achieve mutual understanding only in some cases and for a short period, yet they can't live without each other . We have to choose partnership and co-operation instead of confrontation.

Sophia Onufriv

All texts are available in Ukrainian (archive Ukr.)


Martha Bogachevska "Nationalism And Feminism: One Coin Of Common Use" (Eng.)
Two different, yet similar in some aspects social movements are investigated in the article of Ukrainian women movement matriarch. Both phenomena have sometimes the same aims, sometimes they are opposite. But both - nationalism and feminism - are outsiders in some particular sense.

Oksana Kis' "Feminism Definitions"
A short vocabulary of feminist terms.

Natalia Chukhym "Gender And Gender Studies In 20eth Century"
Gender research on the West: history and evolution.

New stage of feminism or - back to the origin? Round table of "Wiez'" magazine (Poland) proposes an example of interesting discussion about relationships between Roman Catholic Church and feminist movement.

Miglena Nikolchina "Feminism In Love Racourse"
The problems of sexual relations are studied by the author through the analysis of Julia Christeva, Luce Irigerey and Lacana's pieces.

Interview Alice Schwarzer with Domenica.
The interview of famous German journalist with the famous German prostitute.

Nadezda Cetkovic "Epistolae: Spring 1999"
Letters to Pavla Frydlova, written since March until June 1999 where her personal visions and reflections on the wartime are described.

Jasmina Tesanovic "About Morality: A Moral Opera Of One Political Idiot", novel fragments.

Laryssa Harmash "Lu Salome - "Perfect Friend" and "Absolute Evil" in the life of Friedriech Nitzsche.
Life story of one of the most famous European women Lu von Salome, who tried to incorporate into reality Nitzschean credo: "To become the one you are", and maybe was exactly the perfect friend of Nitzsche's lifelong desire.

Vita Susack "Cherchez Les Femmes A l'Ecole De Paris" ("Look For The Women In The School Of Paris")
The role of women-artists, especially Ukrainian painters, in the painting of 20eth century (Maria Bashkirtseva, Sonya Delones, Alexandra Exter, Sophia Levyts'ka, Sophia Zaryts'ka, Ivanna Nyzhnyk-Vynnykiv, Hanna Staryts'ka.

Erica Jong Women's Twenty Wrong Imaginations.

Manuela Gretkowska Latin Lover

Maria Kryvenko Short Stories a la Khvylyovyj

Volodymyr Yeshkilev "Pathos", novel fragments.

Nicole-Claude Mathieu "He's Culture, She's Nature?"
An article of French feminist classic is a fragment from the book "Political Anatomy. Categorisation and Ideology". The problems of gender biological abilities, language and various society models are inspected.

Tanya Khoma. "Was Feminism In Ukraine?"
The Author tries to answer the question from the headline while analysing Ukrainian feminism development in 20eth century and comparing it to the modern world-wide feminist movement.

Slawka Walczewska. "Personal Liberty. Home Matriarchate"
Fragment from the book "Ladies, Knights, Feminists" The main subject is an attitude to the woman's body and behaviour, as well as to the virtual domination of woman-hostess, keeper of home oven fire.

Sergey Kuznyetsov. "Camilla Paglia: A Black Sheep Of American Feminism"
The Article is about ideas of C.Paglia, who became an outsider of American feminist movement. In contrary to Naomi Woolf or Andrea Dvorkin she suggests, that solid social stereotypes of male and female are not something incorporated from outside, but depict the real way of things.

Susanne Weingarten, Marianne Wellershoff. "Feminism Without Women Movement".
A fragment from the book "Insubordinate Daughters". The authors try to analyse the successes of so-called second women movement in Germany and their influence on the modern German feminism.

Diane Emdin "French Feminism in 20eth century".
Short history of French feminism.

Valerie Solanas "SCUM Manifesto"
A bright example of radical feminism.

Virginia Woolf. "Women And Narrative Literature"
The literature problems and life of women-writers in 19th century are described in the article.

Tamara Hundorova. "A Woman And A Mirror"
The woman in "man's literature"

Nila Zborovs'ka "Let The Music Play!"
Creative work of Lesya Ukrajinka through the prism of feminist literature canon.

Oksana Kis' "Some Peculiarities Of The Attitude To The Widow (In Ukraine , 19th - beg. 20eth Centuries)"
The social position of Ukrainian widow

Jasmina Tesanovic. "Anna Karenina in Beograd"

Lora Malvi "Visual Pleasure And Narrative Film"
Psychological and feministic analysis of the film.

Dubravka Ugresic "We Are Brave Guys"

Olga Tokarczuk "A Book Men Journey"

Wojciech Eichelberger "Women's Fury"
The reasons of women's fury.

Mirjana Bobic Mojsilovic "Muscle Bigger Then Brain" up

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