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Taras Voznyak (Editor-in-Chief)
Andrij Pavlyshyn
Sofia Onufriv
Walter Mossmann
Yurij Babik
Andrij Kyrchiv
Antonina Kolodiy
Anton Borkovskyj
Alla Tatarenko
Yaryna Borenko

The Independent cultural journal “JI”
Issue No.23 / 2001
The Federative Republic of Ukraine

This issue is published in co-operation with
Pro Helvetia Ukraine Foundation (Kyiv)
Heinrich-Boell-Fund (Berlin)

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All texts are available in Ukrainian (archive Ukr.)

Preston King, Classifying the Federations

Joerg Stainer, European Democracy. Federalism.

Iryna Busygina, German Federalism: History, Contemporary State, Reform Potential.

Andriy Kyrchiv, Classical (Swiss) Federalism.

Monika Richter, Delegating of Power by the Government of Great Britain: Evolution, not Revolution.

Iryna Busygina, Now and Future of „Europe of the Regions“.

Iryna Semenenko, Interest Groups in the European Union: Regional Aspect.

Alexander Galkin, Federalism and Public Sector as Key Concepts.

Andrey Zakharov, „Executive Federalism“ in Contemporary Russia.

Sviatoslav Kaspe, Constructing the Federation - RENOVATIO IMPERII as the Method of Social Engineering.

Andriy Sadovyy, The Population of L`viv Reflected in the Opinion Polls (December 2000)

Orest Drul`, Ukraine vs ukrainainship.

Orest Drul`, Assimilative and transcultural processes in L`viv.

Serhiy Hrabovs`kyy, Creoles, Creoles, only Creoles around...

Gottfried Keller, Confederation.

Iso Kamartin, Multilingual nation.

Charles Ferdinand Ramuz, The Need for Grandeur.

Max Frisch, From the ‘Diary of 1966-1971’.

Friedrich Duerrenmatt, The Old.

Anton Borkovs`kyy, Halychyna in the Search of the Sea (Vol.1)

Volodymyr Yeshkilev, The King of Horror.

Bohdan Voloshyn, Chronicles of Burachkovytsi.

Mariya Kryvenko, Paris-L`viv-Kharkiv.

Maksym Prots`kiv, In the Womb of Time or the Wonderful Park of ‘Abovetimeness’.

Dmytro Korchyns`kyy, Kyiv.

Petro Midyanka, Poems.

Maryan Dolishniy, Volodymyr Kravtsiv, Volodymyr Symonenko, Macroregionalisation of Ukraine.

Serhiy Maksymenko, The Perspectives of the Regional Politics of Ukraine in the Context of European Experience.

Olexander Sushyns`kyy, The Idea of Federalism in the Constitutionalism of Ukraine.

Serhiy Romanuik, Politics of Regional Development of Ukraine: Contemporary State and New Perspectives.

Ukrainian Federalism: Political Aspects. The Seminar of the Journal „Ji“, November 9, 2001.

Yaryna Boren`ko, What The Region Can? Correlation of the Territorial Structure of the State and the Possibilities of the Realization of the Regional Interests.

Eva Kish, Regional Politics of the European Union: Strategic Imperatives for Ukraine.

Anatoliy Lagutin, The Ethnic Aspects of Institutionalisation of the Political Process in Ukraine.

Mykhaylo Drahomanov, Foreword to ‘Kobzar’ of T. Shevchenko.

Ivan Franko, Honest Letter to the Galician Ukrainian Youth.

Mykhaylo Hrushevs`kyy, Halychyna and Ukraine.

Stepan Tomashivs`kyy, Drahomanov and Halychyna.

Ihor Chornovol, Latyn in the Ukrainian Spelling: Retrospective and Perspective.

Volodymyr Chernov, The Autonomy of Halychyna - an Essay of the History of the Legitimacy.

Andriy Kyrchiv, Halician Bells of the Golden Rouble?

Kost` Bondarenko, Western Ukraine has to achieve the status of an autonomous republic of Ukraine.

Aleksey Popov, Nationalists of Halychyna and Conformists of East.

Volodymyr Kostyrko, Chukhrayinstvo.

Maksym Lan, Mythology.

Lyubko Petrenko, Ukraine, spiritual.

Maksym Lan, In Answer to Lyubko Petrenko.

Volodymyr Vitkovs`kyy, In the Context of „Galician Project“.

Roman Lozyns`kyy, Why is Halychyna lagging behind? or For How Long will We be lagging behind?

Oleh Khavych, Is wetukraina.eu project possible?

Mstyslav Mel`nychuk, ‘Debates with Oleh Havych’.

Volodymyr Kostyrko, Ukrainian Doctrinarship and Halychyna.

Volodymyr Kostyrko, National Symbols of Halychyna.

Kost` Bondarenko, Once again about Separatism.

Roman Lozyns`kyy, Who the Halicians are and Why do Thet Become Separatists.

Oleksandr Havrysh, The Autonomy of Transcarpathian Region: the Self-expression of People or Nomenklaturian Putsch?

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