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Taras Voznyak (Editor-in-Chief)
Anton Borkovskyy (Issue Editor)
Andrij Pavlyshyn
Sofia Onufriv
Walter Mossmann
Yurij Babik

Ihor Podolchak (coverpage)

The Independent cultural journal JI
Issue No.25 / 2002

This issue is published in co-operation with Heinrich-Boell-Fund (Berlin)

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Walter Laqueur Sources

Thomas Stearns Eliot Hollow People

Volodymyr Ostroukhov Issues of Understanding and Historical and Philosophical Interpretation of Phenomena "terror" and "terrorism"

Ezra Pound Sestina: Altaforte

Yevhen Bystrytskyy Conflict of Cultures and Philosophy of Tolerance

Paul Ricoeur State and Violence

Yaroslav Tomasyevich Systematizing Ideologies of Terror

Maksymilian Strmiska Subversive Political Terror in Contemporary Democratic States: Introductory Studies

Viktor Savchenko Sacrifices of Revolution. Marginal Terrorists of "southern" Anarchism. "Five years of terror" (1905-1909) in Ukraine.

Taras Andrusiak Totalitarian Structures: Basic Characteristics

Yaroslav Svatko Terror and Globalization - two Sides of one Coin

Vasyl Cherepanyn Planes in the Head

Yevhen Smotrytskyy Globalization and Lumpenization: Social Roots of criminality

Karl-Heinz Kamp New Type of Terror: the First War of XXI century?

Ergard Eppler Neither War, nor Peace

Leopold von Sacher-Masoch Carpathian Villains

Boris Khazanov Nine Virtuous Men in Sodom. Story of a Conspiracy

Ulrika Meinhoff From Protest to Resistance

Marina Latysheva Homeopath Timothy McVeigh

Generation "Full P"

Anton Borkovskyy Run

Ilia Stogoff Revolution. Now!

Poems of poets UNA-UNS

Shlomo Avineri New kinds of War - New Legitimacy

Walt Whitman Long, too long America

Christopher Daase Terror - Meaning, Theories and Strategies of Counter-action. Results and Problems of Social Research

Federico Garcia Lorca New York

Robert Lukabo, G. Edward Fuqua, Joseph P. Cangemi, Kazimir Kowalski Terror: Psychological and Political Aspects

Michel Libig Strategic Context of Contemporary Irregular War Making

Jean Baudrilliard In the Shade of Silent Majority, or the End of Social

Jean Baudrilliard America. End of Powerfulness

Rene Girard Violence and Saint. Gods, Dead, Saint, Priests

Rene Girard Genesis of Myths and Rituals

Jacque Lacan Television

Gilles Lipovetsky The Era of Emptiness. An Essay about Contemporary Individualism. Consumption and Hedonism: to Post-modern Society

Gilles Lipovetsky The Era of Emptiness. An Essay about Contemporary Individualism. Crimes and Suicides: "tough" violence

Jacob Schissler, Gerhard Preyer Violence as a "furia of disappearance"

Alen de Benois A Step to Horrifying

Umberto Eco On the Matter of Western Superiority

Ekbal Ahmad Terror: "their" and "our"

Eduardo Galeano Theatre of Good and Evil

Gerfried Muenkler Terror as a Strategy of Communication

Dzabdurahman Hoytinsky Extracts form the Book about djikhad (questions and answers)

Our fragile World Ryszard Kapuscinski Interview with Arthur Domoslawski and Aleksandr Kaczorowski ("Gazeta Wyborcza")

Arkadiy Magikanov Mythology of Life

Mikhail Remizov Homo oeconomicus vanished

Mikhail Remizov War, Language and neurosis

Hryhoriy Komskyy A Letter from Heidelberg

Lev Trotsky Their Moral and Our Moral (to the memory of Lev Sedov)

Dmytro Korchynskyy "This" and "It"

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