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Taras Voznyak (Editor-in-Chief)
Iryna Magdysh(Issue Editor)
Natalka Rymska
Myroslava Prykhoda
Oles Pohranychnyj
Yevhen Troyan
Anton Borkovskyy
Yan Chaykovskyy

ISBN 966-7790-04-5

The Independent cultural journal “JI”
Issue No.35 / 2004

This issue is published in co-operation with Heinrich-Boell-Fund (Berlin)

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All texts are available in Ukrainian (archive Ukr.)

  • Laryssa Masenko Language Situation in Ukraine
  • Volodymyr Pas’ko Destiny of the Language – Destiny of the Nation
  • Iryna Farion Language as a Good?
  • Laryssa Masenko Oral Forms of Language Existence. Language Vulgarization Phenomenon.
  • Laryssa Masenko Slang as a Socio-Linguistic Phenomenon
  • Laryssa Masenko Lingual Behavior of the Person in Bilingual Situation. Definition of Language Stability.
  • Olga Kocherga Linguistic Repressions in 1933
  • Resolutions of the Commission of the People’s Commissariat for Education on Work Check-Up on the Lingual Front.
  • Mykhailo Mischenko Language and Political Life
  • Natalya Tuchynska Language and the Nastional Consciousness
  • Pierre Bourdieu, Lo¿c Wacquant New Planetary Vulgate 
  • Jean-Luc Nancy Body, Language
  • Franklin Rudolf Ankersmit Language Implementing in Writing History
  • Pavlo Shved Desire and Speech: Enslaving Machine and Opposing Strategy
  • Augustin Cabanes, Leonard Nass  Language Fanatism
  • Karine Maradzhyan The Japanese: Language and self Consciousness
  • Iryna Sabor "Orthography Crisis": Norwegian Experience
  • Peter L. Berger, Brigitte Berger What Institution Means? Case of Language
  • Sergej Kozlov "Genius of the Language" and "Genius of the Nation": Two Categories  of the XVII-XVIII Centuries
  • Oksana Berezyak Language of Me and Language of Other  
  • Ihor Bodnar-Tereschenko Voice for Word
  • Octavio Paz  Language
  • Umberto Eco On Some Functions of the Literature
  • Inna Volosevych Language Polyphony Phenomenon in Literature and Consciousness

  • Nelya Sheyko-Medvedeva Mamonka
  • Julian Nad’ Prybrantsy y dzyva dzyvka
  • Pavlo Chuchka Poetry From the Book “Detsa u Notarya”
  • Olena Kvasnij Virus threats ³ðóñèí³ ñòðàõè
  • Bohdan Khmel’nyts’kyj with His Zaporizhzhya Armed Forces
  • Mill Sale from Stepan Hordijenko
  • Anno Domini 1695
  • Markijan Shashkevych Rus’ Wedding
  • Oles’ Berezhnyj Tuzla: Uncle Vasya and Oar
  • Nelya Sheyko-Medvedeva Poetry
  • Petro Midyanka Poetry from the Book ”Dzhyma”
  • Vyacheslav Medvid’ Blood Over Straw (Part)
  • Oleksandr Havrosh Grandma’s Dying
  • Emma Andijevs’ka  Talking Fish
  • Johann Zlatoust On Priesthood
  • Vasyl’ Barka  Fragment of Dante Aligieri’s “Divine Comedy” Translation
  • Ihor Kostetsky Translation of “Senning Verse Kakuhaku” By Ezra Pound
  • Ihor Kostetsky Translation of "Poetry Skills" By Paul Verlaine
  • Mykola Lukash Translation of “Don Quixote” By Miguel de Servantes Saavedra (Fragment)
  • Ihor Kostetsky Translation of “Looking Back” Essay By Ezra Pound
  • Vasyl’ Stefanyk Old Times. She-Earth
  • Vasyl’ Barka  From the Poem "Witness"
  • Anatol’ Perepadya Translation of “Curriculum Vitae” By Bienvenuto Cellini  (Fragment)
  • Social Etiquette and Traditions, 1928
  • Oleksandr Klymenko Supraphon

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