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Taras Voznyak (Editor-in-Chief)
Iryna Magdysh
Bondan Voloshyn
Oles Pohranychnyj
Mykhaylo Moskal

The Independent cultural journal “JI”
Issue No.47 / 2007
Lvivsk and its lvivtsi


All texts are available in Ukrainian (archive Ukr.)

Lvivsk and its lvivtsi

  • Preface to preface
  • Introduction
  • How His Majesty Dzyadivets became a King
  • How was the High Castle built on a High Bum
  • How lvivtsi brought the light into the city council
  • How lvivtsi wrote a letter to mangalo-tartars
  • How was the first monument erected in the city
  • How Kshysko Columbus discovered Lvivsk
  • How King Dzyunio searched for a daughter-in-law
  • How lvivtsi launched a first satellite
  • How lvivtsi carried out a nutmeg revolution
  • How King Dzyunio searched for the meaning of life
  • How lvivtsi drove off Attila from the city
  • How the King broke apart the civil upheaval of F.Mohylan
  • How the charmer Zozulka was searching for his astral body
  • How King Dzyunio was fighting against shadow and how he conquered it
  • How the tournament happened in Lvivsk
  • How his Majesty King found out what woman truly desires
  • How Dzyunio the First took his final breath
  • How King Dzyunio taught lvivtsi to play football
  • How did the heir Tarasiy Kryvopyskyi catch Smochysko-Drochysko
  • How barber Dezyderiy Hrabivka constructed a Lviv pyramid
  • How King Dzyunio founded the first school and blessed its statute
  • How charmer Zozulka searched for the philosophers' stone
  • How our Master arranged a royal hunting and how he caught a wild hog Dmytryk
  • How Death came to Lvivsk and how she left the city with laundress Maryska Vurdakova
  • How Lvivsk disappeared and reappeared as Lviv

Year after year, step by step, jumping ahead
Chronological table of the life of Lvivsk residents and their successors starting long ago at city beginnings and to its very last day, composed by an honest anonymous author Remigiy Slymak of the city council

The dictionary of Lviv words and word combinations with explanations and stories, composed by the charmer Zozulka

A magic bag

  • A collection of indecent tales written down by Lviv poet Florian Zadomitskyi-Vukhal
  • The Frog Princess (a tale from Donetsk waste pits)
  • Three brothers and Dick (a tale written down in a train Uzhgorod-Luhansk)
  • Three brothers and Putska (a tale written down in a train Uzhgorod-Luhansk)
  • Kyrylo Dupomjaka (Kyiv folk tale from the times long gone)
  • Prince Ivan and Wolf the Iron Tail (a tale written down at Pidzamche, told by chumaky from Vapnyarka)
  • Ivasyk Maytelesyk (a tale told one late evening to His Majesty King Dzyunio the First, by the most honoured Lviv poet Florian Zadomitskyi-Vukhal)
  • How Martynko got married (Levandivka folk tale, written down at Pryvokzalna Street in a famous food joint “Lviv Tripe Soup”)

Mythology of Lviv hills and gates, written by a famous Lviv citizen Khoma Kapustka

  • Smok Hamolka who became a lighter
  • Antyk – a Chief Master of Vampires
  • Vatryannyk, kaminnyk (fireman)
  • A restless Eugenia Curlpaper
  • A toad-headed idle talker (lyzkun)
  • Gravedigger Misko Shtykh
  • Martynko Kanarok
  • Skhodari or starwatchers
  • Chimneysweepers
  • The revenge of Florian Shtuchka
  • The last joke of the house spirit Gadra
  • Doctor Letthefuckitbe
  • Papirush Lapymukha
  • Pindus Kleparivskyi and the mole named Stasko
  • How Prots Kalynyak learned that there was time
  • Balthazar Sliozko

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