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Taras Voznyak (Editor-in-Chief)
Iryna Magdysh
Vasyl Ivanochko
Ivan Monolatiy
Oles Pohranychnyj
Mykhaylo Moskal

The Independent cultural journal “JI”
Issue No.55 / 2009


All texts are available in Ukrainian (archive Ukr.)

Sadok Barącz Founding the city of Stanyslaviv

Sadok Barącz The statistics of Stanyslaviv in 1854

Sadok Barącz The funeral of noble hetman Jozef Pototsky

Maryan Grybovych Stanyslaviv in 1821–1847. Population, buildings, services

Czesław Chowaniec The beginnings of Armenian community in Stanyslaviv

Lillie Zöñkler Evangelical community in Stanyslaviv

Volodymyr Makar My Stanyslaviv

Teodor Babyuk First November in Stanyslaviv

Dmytro Doroshenko Stanyslaviv in 1919

Ivan Bondarev Andriy Potocki

Ivan Bondarev Stanislav Potocki

Ivan Bondarev The victories and defeats of Stanyslaviv fortress

Zenoviy Fedunkiv Coats of arms of Stanyslaviv

Ivan Monolatiy Jewish world of Stanyslaviv

Ivan Monolatiy Saga about Zöñklers

From the stories of an officer

Mykhaylo Golovatyi The addresses of Ivan Franko

Oleg Yegreshiy Love recipes from the Stanyslaviv bishop Andrey Sheptytskyi

Taras Prokhasko To a truly European city by definition…

Yuriy Andrukhovych Once, when my grandma was a twelve year old girl…

Yuriy Andrukhovych Stanyslaviv near Tysmenytsya

Izdryk Naseredynimista. Topography déjà vu

Izdryk Stanislav: grief for something fake

Ivan Tsyperdyuk Summer. Autumn. Stanyslaviv

Stepan Protsyuk My history of Ivano-Frankivsk

Volodymyr Yeskilev The problem of vampirism in interfluves of Bystrytsi

Volodymyr Yeskilev The city on Ten Sephiroths

Taras Zherebetskyi Our city was multicultural…

Intellectual guide of Stanyslaviv

Ivan Monolatiy The portrait of a city with a lost name

Zenoviy Zherebetskyi Grüs aus Stanislau, or The tour of the city with 1886 map

Mykhaylo Golovatyi Touring the streets of Stanyslaviv

  • Belvederska Street
  • Halytska Street
  • Gryunvaldska Street
  • King Danylo Street
  • Bogdan Lepkyi Street
  • Hetman Mazepa Street
  • Stepan Melnychuk Street
  • Nezalezhnosti Street
  • Sichovykh Striltsiv Street
  • Ivana Franka Street
  • Vyacheslav Chornovil Street
  • Taras Shevchenko Street

Mykhaylo Golovatyi Famous city buildings

  • School and monastery of sister Basilians
  • Magistrate and voivodship building
  • Town hall
  • Building of military administration and detention
  • Building of aged and disabled
  • Ukrainian “Sokil”
  • Building of railways directorate
  • Municipal theatre
  • Wood trade school
  • Galinskyi house
  • Building of educational institutions
  • Building of district administration
  • District council
  • Hotel “Union”
  • Hauswald house
  • Bourgeois casino
  • Bank
  • Building of public bath-house
  • Railroad station
  • Hotel “Tsentralnyi”
  • Municipal library
  • Prison “Dibrova”
  • “Austria” house
  • St.John Chrysostom theological seminary
  • Bishop’s palace
  • Ukrainian gymnasium
  • Villas
  • Pototski’s palace
  • Infantry quarters
  • Kaminskyi’s hotel
  • “Ruska besida” and “Prosvita” residences
  • Mickiewicz monument

Mykhaylo Golovatyi Stanyslaviv temples

  • Armenian church
  • “Ave Mary” Roman Catholic church
  • Jesuit Roman Catholic church
  • The Trinitarians monastery
  • Progresiv synagogue
  • Cathedral of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ
  • Parochial Roman Catholic church

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