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Petro Rybka
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Yevhen Ravskyj

The Independent cultural journal "JI"
Issue No.7 / 1996


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  • Andrzej Andrusiewicz. Myth Of Russia. Moscow - Third Rome.
    The historical analysis of still living concept of Philotey.
  • Andrzej Andrusiewicz. Myth Of Russia. Messian Consciousness.
    Panslavistic idea as a promotion instrument of Russian superiority.
  • Herrmann Hesse. “Karamazov Brothers” Or The End Of Europe
    The way of understanding of “Russian man” in “civilized” Europe
  • Alexander Akhiezer. Russia - The World History Crisis Point.
    Significant influence of Russia on the world processes are investigated.
  • Thomas Sterns Elliot. Three Meanings Of The World “Culture”.
    The article is devoted to the diversity of understanding of culture and to comparison of it with religion in particular.
  • Konstantin Sigov. “External War” Mutation And Political Theory Of M.Dragomanov (Rus.)
    The war and reasons of failure of United States of Slavs project
  • Alyeksyey Parshchikov. I Lived On The Field Of Poltava Battle (Rus.)
  • Witold Gombrowicz. Diary (fragment)
    How much Polish is in Poles?
  • Zbigniew Podgorzec talks to Yuriy Novosil’s’kyy. Byzantia And West
    Byzantia is a modified copy of Rome.
  • Yuriy Novosil’s’kyy. The Difference Of Orthodoxy.
    The common and different features of orthodoxy.
  • Pavlo Skoropads’kyy. Reminiscences (Rus.)
    The model of Ukraine created by its former ruler and his point of view on the reasons of its failure.
  • Yuriy Sheredeko. The Notes To The Concept Of Culture And Zombying Of Person And Nation
    Culture has to help person to realize its role and place in universal cultural development.
  • Maksym Rozumnyy. Horyzon After Horyzon
    Eastern Europe: its structural model and development concepts.
  • Volodymyr Zalozetskyy-Sas. Between Occident and Byzantia In The History Of Ukrainian Art
    Ukrainian art as a result of double influences is proved on historical materials.
  • Dagmara Duwirak. Stravinskyy In The Ukrainian Context
    Ukrainian musical culture in 20eth century as a natural part of world musical heritage.
  • Andriy Shkrabjuk. Oriens Ex Alto
    East and West in one faith.
  • Olexandra Kryvoruchko. Babylon
  • Volodymyr Tsybul’ko. Anti-Gogol’
    A satirical review of Ukrainian literature process.
  • Bogdan Zholdak. The Breast Of Gertruda Stein
    Short story.

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