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The Independent cultural journal "JI"
Issue No.8 / 1996


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  • Paul Celan. Psalm
  • Franz Kafka. Facing The Law
    Short philosophical story.
  • Martin Buber. Hebreity And Mankind
    Hebrei had always desire of unity in one man, of the parts of the nation, of the nations, inside the mankind and of the mankind and the living nature, of Lord and the world.
  • Schmuel Noach Eisenstadt. Hebrei History As The History Of Hebreian Civilisation
    The terms “religion”, “nation” or “people” are not sufficient to describe Hebraic history, yet they are significant for evaluation of historical experience of Hebrews.
  • Rabbi Abraham Izaak Kuk. Land Of Israel
    The flame of Israel Land shines in the depth of every Hebrew’s soul.
  • Pinhas Samorodnyts’kyy. Strange Small Nation
    The struggle for life provided by Hebrew state seems to be long-lasting and exhausting.
  • Alexander Vyernik. I Don’t Need False Speeches (Rus.)
  • V.Rossmann. Two Concepts of Elitarity Or Non-Historic Notes To The Historical Theme.
    Roles of Israel and China in the history of mankind.
  • Ossip Mandelshtam. We’re In The Kitchen And The Smoke Is Slight...
  • Herschel Scholem. Sohar: The Book And The Author
    A review of the book Sohar (Shine) and its role in cabbala history.
  • Jossip Brodskiy. From The Cycle “Part Of Language”
  • Ilja Dvorkin. “Existance” Category Through The Prism Of Two Languages
    Grammer experience of term studies of the fragments from Mishne Tora and Book of Knowledge.
  • Schmuel Hugo Bergman. About Hebreian Ethics
    The studies of Roth distinguish two opposing tendencies here - moralizing and de-moralizing.
  • Abraham Joschuah Geschel. The Time Architecture
    Being hyperbolized things become the surrogate of happiness and cause danger to the life itself.
  • Jakob Katz. The Tradition Crisis In The Eve Of New Times
    The Hebrew society and its surround.
  • Paul Celan. Winter
  • Schmuel Joseph Agnon. And The Wisdom Of Solomon Was Over The Others...
    And Solomon said: “Avoid writing too many books”. And buried the written.
  • Martin Buber. Hebreies In The World
    A report in Hebraic Studies Centre in Frankfurt-am-Main.
  • Myroslav Marynovych. Ukrainian-Jewish Relations In The First Approach of Conflictology
    The history of common life of Ukrainians and Jews is a book of mutual misunderstanding and natural emotions.
  • Moysey Fischbein. Still Warm Easter Time Exists...
  • Joseph Melezh-Modrzejewski. Millennium Of Incompatibility
    There is no doubt that Western civilization has its roots in dual spiritual heritage - in Greek logos and Hebraic monotheism.
  • Jossip Brodskiy. Christmas Star
  • Volodymyr (Zyeyev) Zhabotyns’kyy. On The Wrong Way
    Discussion of the Jewish assimilation problem.
  • Volodymyr (Zyeyev) Zhabotyns’kyy. Non Multum, Sed Multa
    Role of the Jewish Galician population in Polish-Ukrainian struggle.
  • Taras Andrusyak. Ukrainian-Jewish Electoral Coalition in 1907
    The first three officially Jewish deputies to the state parliament had been elected in Habsburg Empire due to Ukrainian-Jewish political co-operation.
  • Yaroslav Hrytsak. Ukrainians In Anti-Jewish Actions During World War II.
    The reasons of participation of Western Ukrainians in anti-Jewish Nazi operations during the World War II is analized.
  • Jossyp Zisels and Leonid Finberg. Jews In Modern Ukraine: Realities And Prospects
    A discussion of contemporary problems of Jews in Ukraine.
  • Ivan Luchuk. Ukrainian And Jewish Routes In Russian Poetry Of The First Third Of 19th Century
    Analysis of the poetry of O.Mandelshtam, V.Majakovskij, B.Pasternak and V.Khlyebnikov.
  • Ossip Mandelshtam. In Transparent Petropolis We’ll Die...
  • Shimon Markish and Leonid Finberg. The Branch Becomes Dry
    Talks about Hebraic literature.
  • Taras Woznyak. Awaiting Civilisation
    An attempt of human world cognition within the Judeo-Christian tradition of awaiting of the Day of Judgement in fact encycles the world on the pre-Copernicus model with the corresponding results for civilization.
  • Alexander Vyernik. Bird In The Garden
  • Alexander Vyernik. Lyermontovska Street 12, Ap.6
  • Tadeusz Zychewicz. People Selected By Lord?
    What can the stone tell?
  • Jeshajahu Lejbovich. Science And Hebreic Religion
    The problem of the place of man concerning Lord in Hebraic case.
  • Shlomo Pines. Transformations Of The Term “Liberty”
    Several theses on the subject.

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