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Taras Voznyak (Editor-in-Chief)
Iryna Magdysh
Oles Pohranychnyj
Mykhaylo Moskal

The Independent cultural journal “JI”
Issue No.46 / 2007
Cult of juvenility

This issue is published in co-operation with Heinrich-Boell-Fund (Berlin)

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All texts are available in Ukrainian (archive Ukr.)

Anya Trofimova Things which slips through the fingers

Petro Ohotin Protest under the ruler or "Marginal men of all fronts, unite!"

Dmytro Drozdovskyj Juvenility, history and subculture : photos of contact zones

Yasya Prudenko Subculture - escape from freedom

Kateryna Chernyavska Dolce vita of second generation

Oksana Dudko Flowerbed

Oksana Fitel Mosaic

Inna Zalucka She

Yurij Bugaj Take care of assemblies of our souls

Tetyana Rodnyenkova Social role of education. Youth in search of content : new values of old system ?

Roman Horbyk Telemahiv complex

Andrij Izdryk Peculiarity of youths communication in virtual reality

Andrij Stepanov Youth and dependency upon (drugs, alcohol, i-net)

Yurij Rymashevskyj Youth virtuality as socially psychological phenomena of modernity

Todd Gitlin Under the flag of Mickey Mouse and Brews Willis

Yurij Kamayev Trinity

Lyera Lauda Metal tincture on the tongue

Ivan Kolomiyec Friend of mine? No

Slogan of revolution in 1968 in Paris

Baudrillard Jean Fuck you !

Laguiller Arlette Hope not in vain constraint, not in submission

Badiou Alain Everyday humiliation

Andrij Ryepa Sorbona, peculiarity of the moment

Andrij Ryepa Illusion of juvenility. Breakfast on the cemetery

Jean-Luc Nancy Labour

Zizek Slavoj Some politically incorrect considerations about constraint in France and not only

Anton Sychevskyj Skinheads. XXI century under the omen of fylfot

Mariya Yeschenko "Energumen on music"

Anastasiya Ignatenko, Oleksandr Rizenko Manuscripts don't burn, or two pages from two dairies

Olya Kocka Flaneur

Viktor Mazin Fragments of revolution dream

Volodymyr Vakulenko from the tale "Cemetery of hearts "

SCC139 Youth as a strategy

Grosegger Beate "Take your life in your own hands". Youth in Austria

Sander Ekkehard Media in adolescent age

Tetyana Melnyk Withdrawal

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