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Taras Wozniak (Editor-in-Chief)
Oles Pohranychnyj
Petro Rybka
Roman Mervinskyj
Andrij Pavlyshyn
Mykhajlo Moskal
Mykola Yakovyna
Ivan Luchuk
Myroslava Prykhoda
Yevhen Ravskyj

The Independent cultural journal "JI"
Issue No.9 / 1997


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  • Antonin Liem. Notes To The Central European Identity
    The small countries have to come outside themselves in order to to support and preserve their identity.
  • Edgar Morin. Europe As Methanational Province?
    The main distinctive feature of Europe is the vast variety of cultures in the limited area.
  • Vaclav Cihak. Central Europe Reunion At The End Of Second Millennium
    The history of Central European states and nations is determinated by three main factors: results of two world wars and the end of communist regimes.
  • Slawomir Wiatr. Political Culture In Central Europe. Does Cultural Identity During East-West Transition Exist?
    Political culture is an expression of certain general properties of the society which exist in all fields of the social boundaries.
  • Otto von Habsburg. Ukraine Also Belongs To Central Europe
    European unity on the Christian basis is a fundamental principle of Christian pan-Europeism.
  • Klaus Leggewie. Austria In Europe Or How Western The Second Republic Is?
    The influence of the former European political divisions on the contemporary situation in the EU.
  • Joseph Darski. Would Czechs Get Rid Of Their National Ideology?
    A division into “your”-”our” would make no sense in future united Europe.
  • Stefan Zweig. The Reminiscences Of The European
    Impressions of the person who became a witness of Empire crush
  • Alexander Roda Roda. On The Cemetery In Graz
  • Andrzej Braun. The Lesson Of German
    The reminiscences from childhood
  • Paul Celan. Poetry
  • Ivan Holoversa. Amnesy And Hypertrophy Of Galician Myth
    Story about the eternal process of myth creation.
  • Taras Woznyak. Spacious-Temporal Locus Of Jerusalem Mythologeme.
    Philosophical essay.
  • Ernst Jandl. Poetry
  • Taras Luchuk. Wild Thoughts Am Tscheremusch, Or Foreign-Language Fed’kovych
    Fed’kovych as a German-Ukrainian bilingual phenomenon.
  • Laryssa Tsybenko. Litterarische Landschaftswahrehmung Von Ostgalizien Bei Joseph Roth (Ger.)
    Literature picture of East Galicia in Josef Roth’s pieces.
  • Victor Moyseyenko. About One Attempt To Latinize Ukrainian Orthography.
    The idea and problem of Latin alphabet appliance in Ukrainian language.
  • Ivan Senatovych. Attribute To The Bibliographies Of Ukrainian Poetry In Foreign Language Translations
  • Izdryk. Vozzek
    Novel fragment.
  • Erhard Busek. Europe Of Ideas - Utopia Or Reality
    Europe of ideas has been powerful and globally acting machine for modernization, innovation and social dynamics.
  • Urs Altermatt. Multilingual Switzerland - Model For Europe
    Swiss example of peaceful coexistence of different cultures, languages and mentalities.
  • Andrzej Wincens. Cracow - City Of A Middle.
    Not every city is a city by character.
  • Ivan Krushel’nyts’kyy. Talks With Hoffmannstahl
    A story
  • Rosa Auslaender. Reminiscences About One City
    Chernivtsi as a sample of multicultural urban society.
  • Krzysztof Czyzewski. Forgotten Metropoly On The Frontiers Of Habsburg Monarchy
    Artistic views of picturable sights of Chernivtsi.
  • Robert Musil. When There Is A Feeling Of Reality, There Must Be A Feeling Of Possibility Of Kakania
    Two short stories.
  • Igor’ Klekh. Zimania. Herma (Rus.)
    Impressions from the first visit to Germany.
  • Fritz Ritter von Herzmanowski-Orlando.Six short stories:
    The Last Maid Of Beethoven.
    Dwarf In The Fog.
    Don Carlos. Incident.
    The Speech Of Padre Knyakal.
    A Man With Three Boots
  • Georg Trakl. Loneliness. A Country Of Dreams
    Two essays.
  • Reiner Maria Rilke. Cardinal. Golden Box. Poetry
  • Rosa Auslaender. Poetry
  • Martin Heidegger. Language
    Philosophical essay.
  • Helmut Eisendle. Speech And World Cognition
  • Helmut Eisendle. Night Kingdom Of Dr. Lypski
    Culturological essays
  • Khrystyna Nazarkevych. When There Is a Feeling Of Reality, There Must Be A Feeling Of Possibility
    Literature critics on R.Musil’s piece.
  • Ivan Luchuk. Poetry Of Slavs And Weself.
    Poetry of Slavs is a composition of the vast variety of different Slavic reflected cultures.
  • Bruno Schulz. Snow-Storm
    Short story.

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