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Taras Voznyak (Editor-in-Chief)
Andrij Pavlyshyn
Sofia Onufriv
Walter Mossmann
Anton Borkovs'kyj
Yaryna Boren'ko
Leonig Finberg
Kostiantyn Sigov
Volodymyr Ruban

The Independent cultural journal “JI”
Issue No.22 / 2001
10 Years of "Project Ukraine"
Vol. 2

This issue is published in co-operation with Heinrich-Boell-Fund (Berlin)

The “Ukrainskyj Vymir” (“Ukrainian Dimension”) Fund
Special thanks for Jaroslav Lesiuk and Marta Bohachevs‘ka

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Many people are trying to give an answer to the question “What is going on in the country and society? Where are we going?” ten years after the proclamation of independence. Among these people are politicians, who cannot be expected to be objective; analysts, who are more objective but usually narrowed down to their particular sphere of specialty; and finally, people of creative professions whose descriptions are sometimes extremely accurate but other times – extremely far from the truth.

In this work, we tried to put them together and present to the reader polyphony of opinions of the leading experts, politicians, and workers of culture on the situation in the present-day Ukraine. As editors and publishers of this work, our selection of texts and authors to be included have been by no means neutral. We ordered key expert articles from specific authors, whom we view as leading experts in the fields of history, economy, sociology, and culture. We turned to concrete politicians, analysts, and workers of culture, since it is them who have authority in our eyes and in the eyes of our readers. We asked them provocative questions (an expert opinion poll in the terms of sociology), tabulating their answers according to directions important for learning the truth.

Finally, from their texts we selected only the most significant (from our point of view) ideas and thoughts and put them together in this book.

The book turned out, in the opinion of many, to be a unique mirror of the Ukrainian society on the edge between two centuries.

Then the infamous “tape scandal” broke out, and many thought that answers to the complex questions of our post-Soviet modernization will be found on those tapes. This never happened, however, neither could it happen (although it was an important “moment of the truth” for all of us), and we returned to the more traditional methods of learning. In this connection, we – editors and publishers – made a decision that it is very important to prepare an English version of the book. We failed to wake the interest of foreign publishers in this idea. Nevertheless, we are still determined to publish this book in Ukraine. We realize that on this path we are going to face language problems, and we ask our readers to forgive us in advance. Maybe in the future it will be easier for us to solve such problems.

L. Finberg, V. Ruban, T. Voznyak


Natalia Yakovenko About "historical memory" and "historical traditions" of Ukrainian people

Yevhen Holovakha, Natalia Panina A social portrait of contemporary Ukraine

Taras Voznyak “Project Ukraine”. Decade Summary

Bohdan Hawrylyshyn Ukraine between East and West, North and South: Geopolitical options and constraints

Oleksandr Hrytsenko Culture in Ukraine

Hryhorij Nemyrya Ukraine between Europe and Asia

Oleksandr Paskhaver New Ukrainian State

Kostyantyn Sigov The lesson of Chornobyl

Viktor Vovk Ukraine In The Context Of The Global Trends And Scenarios Of The World Development

Answers for questions of Ukrainian Prospects Fund

Translators and Editors of Translations: William Glison, Nathan Meir, Kurt Leutgeb, Anna Sumar, Iryna Hontcharova

Autors of the issue

Yakovenko Natalia Political scientist, professor of National University “Kyiv Mohyla Academy”, lives in Kyiv

Hawrylyshyn Bohdan Swiss political scientist and economist, member of Managers Board of Roman Club, Counsellor to the Prime Minister of Ukraine, member of Ukrainian Academy of Sciences, lives in Geneve

Nemyrya Hryhorij Political scientist, director of Centre for European Studies of the Institute of International Relations of Kyiv National University, lives in Kyiv

Holovakha Yevhen Political scientist, scientific counsellor of the dept. of social and political processes of the Institute of Sociology, editor-in-chief of the magazine “Sociology: Theory, Methods, Marketing”, lives in Kyiv

Panina Natalia Political scientist, head of the dept. of social and political processes of the Institute of Sociology, lives in Kyiv

Paskhaver Oleksandr Economist, president of Economic Development Centre, counsellor to the President of Ukraine, lives in Kyiv

Voznyak Taras Culturologist, philosopher, political scientist, editor-in-chief of Independent cultural magazine “Ji”, lives in Lviv

Hrytsenko Oleksandr director of Culture Policy Institute, deputy director of the Ukrainian Centre for Cultural Studies, lives in Kyiv

Viktor Vovk Ph.D. Deputy Director, Institute for Sustainable Development (Kyiv)

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