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The Independent cultural journal "JI"
Issue No.6 / 1995

This issue is published in co-operation with Heinrich-Boell-Fund (Berlin)


All texts are available in Ukrainian (archive Ukr.)


  • Franz Cardinal Koenig. Spiritual Basis Of Europe
    In historical aspect the European unity could be explained by two simultaneous processes - forming of European nations and their evangelization.
  • Robert Spaemann. Universalism Or Euro-Centrism
    Could Europe agree with its self-consciousness and take the responsibility for dismantling all traditional cultures by the means of scientific subjectizing of the world and rational organization of life?
  • Mykola Shlemkevych. Galicism
    Halychyna (Galicia) as a psychological category, as spiritual and racial difference among the Ukrainians.
  • Hans Georg Gadamer. Mytho-Poetic Transcasting In Rilke’s Duinean Elegies
    There should always be a possibility of repeated translation what makes real for us the subject already present in the poem.
  • Bruno Schulz. Crocodile Street
    Nothing happens here according to predetermination...
  • Joseph Roth. Galician Trip. Country And People.
    Galicia is the great battlefield of the great war.
  • Alain Finkelkraut. The World That Renounces From The West.
    The West is guilty for its unreal mission of responsibility for intellectual and moral development of all the people of the world.
  • Jean Marie Domenaque. Europe: Culture Challenge
    The European culture, formerly atomic, gave the way to diversity of great cultures of newly developed European nations.
  • Milan Kundera. Tragedy of Central Europe.
    After 1945 several states which always defined themselves as Western, noticed that they belong, however, to Eastern Europe.
  • Anna-Halya Gorbach. Ukrainian Theme In Sacher-Masoch Works. (Ger.)
    The analysis of the genesis of style of Masoch’s pieces.
  • Taras Woznyak. Serving And Faith
    Philosophical essay about the common and differences between these two conceptions.
  • Alkis Kontis. Memories Of Ithaca (Eng.)
    Ithaca is the metaphor for the topography of the formation of the self.
  • Bruno Schulz. Second Fall
    Who can realize the despair of doomed beauty, its days and nights?
  • Joseph Roth. Galician Trip. Lemberg, City
    The impressional description of the internal life of the city.

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